POETCom is a membership organization with 40 members in 17 Pacific Island Countries and Territories. Currently our Secretariat is housed under the Land Resources Division of the Pacific Community in Nabua, Suva. Our aim is to promote organics in the Pacific and we assist Governments, farmers and NGOs interested in organics.

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PBF Agro's Committment

This information is need by the mostly rural farmers  and  Agri SME’s in PNG, and PBF Agro would like to use its website to make awareness to bring this message across nationwide.

Below is the information on how Pacific Organic Standard (POS) and the Pacific Guarantee Scheme (PGS) on how to obtain organic Certification.

Organic Certification

Your certification will depend on the markets you are targeting.

For Regulated Organic Markets such as the US, Japan, EU, Canada and others – you will have to use 3rd Party Certification. In PNG NAASA, ACO and Bio Gro of NZ are the main certifiers and can do the certification. They have their costs structures as you are aware off.

For non-regulated organic markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Pacific Region the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) could be used. As long as u can find a buyer who will recognize the PGS system – you can trade.

Please visit the PGS IFOAM site:

Important Downloads

Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)

In 2004 – the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM – the world organic body) got together in Brazil and asked the question “what about poor rule small farmers who cannot afford 3rd Party Certification but in many cases, are organic by default due to traditional systems of farming etc but are interested in linking to markets and selling their products organic. That’s where the PGS was born – and IFOAM recognizes both 3rd Party and PGS. Basically in a PGS we do exactly the same as 3rd Party Certification but the main difference is that we will do all the certifying locally.  The standard we will use is the Pacific Organic Standard (POS) which has now been included into the IFOAM Family of Standards. (attached)

POETCom will be able to train your company staff on PGS and ensure you have the capacity to continue the process year after year. In a PGS once all the documentation and farm details are compiled then your farmers can apply to SPC POETCom for the use of the organic Pasifika logos which will be renewed annual.

Costs will be air fares and normal per diems for an SPC POETCom to travel to your location for 10 to 14 days to start the process. Your staff your then manage the PGS with monitoring from POETCom.