PBF Agro Business Ltd is a wholly owned (100%) entity of Papua New Guinea’s oldest fund- Pacific Balanced Fund (PBF).

After a strategic review undertaken by the board of Pacific Balanced Fund (PBF) in year 2014, PBF Agro Business Ltd was established and commenced operation in April 2016, as part of its strategic plan to grow PBF further to K1.2 Billion Fund by Year 2020.

PBF Agro Business entity’s core business is to tap into the vast investment opportunities available in the agricultural sector in PNG and be competitive to provide good return and contribute to the overall growth in the portfolios of Pacific Balanced Fund (PBF) in line with PBF’s Strategic Plan.

Pacific Balanced Fund lacks exposure in the agri-business sector and it will ensure emerging commercial opportunities in the agro-business sector are fully explored and developed to meet the current needs of the growing urban population as well as contributing to national food security.

The three categories that it plans to invest include listed equities, unlisted equities and managed agro-business ventures under commercial terms and conditions mainly in the PNG market. Its long term plan is to raise capital both locally and internationally to fund major commercial agricultural projects and promote industrialization of agriculture in Papua New Guinea.

For more information on Pacific Balanced Fund log on to www.mtsl.com.pg

The following projects proposals are set to be completed this year:

  1. Acquisition of an existing Hydroponics farm in Sogeri
  2. Acquisition of a monitory shares in one of the largest Cocoa processor and exporter in PNG
  3. Engagement of the largest rubber processor and exporter for the management of 1000 ha of planted rubber at Koitaki/Sogeri
  4. Acquisition of minority shares in one of PNG largest diversified agi business companies.

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Vision & Mission

PBF Agro Business Limited will be a successful diversified agro business company contributing to the growth and sustainability of the Agriculture in Papua New Guinea.

  • To invests specifically in agri-business companies and ventures that will bring good return to shareholder.
  • To invest in advance knowledge, skills and high technology to industrialize agriculture in Papua New Guinea.
  • Achieve triple bottom line profits in all our activities through environmentally friendly agriculture activities.


PBF Agro Business Limited will identify suitable agro-business investments and allow specialized agro- business Management Company to manage on its behalf under commercial terms and conditions.

PBF Agro Business Limited will invest in Listed and unlisted agro business equities as part of its plan to achieve diversification and reach break-even of K1, 000,000 investment income in year five.

PBF Agro Business set-up supports government priorities in Agriculture

The government has recently announced two new bills that will revamp agriculture in Papua New Guinea. The Agriculture Administration Adjustment Bill and the Agriculture Investment Corporation Bill are currently before the parliament for vetting. Both of these bills and enabling legislations if passed by the parliament has the potential to transform Agriculture in Papua New Guinea through administration for large scale, industrialized farming right across Papua New Guinea.

The set-up and funding of PBF Agro Business Ltd supports government priorities in agriculture and contributes directly towards national building. The Fund (PBF) could benefit in the long term, not only in the form of good investment returns but also contributing in the agriculture revolutions of Papua New Guinea that promotes food security and climate change resilience initiatives.

This is our proposed chart. We anticipate together with our vision, see this chart as a guide to achieve our objectives [ Click bar below to view ]